Portfolio Management

In preparing your investment plan, we develop a summary of investment categories and products, suggested allocation of assets, and specific investments within the different categories. Generally we recommend mutual funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) to create diversity in your investment portfolio but often use common stocks as well. We then implement those recommendations accepted by you. 

We usually recommend that you open a brokerage account at TD Ameritrade Institutional Services, a branch of TD Ameritrade that works with investment advisors. As a discount broker, TD Ameritrade is inexpensive, easy to work with and handles all account custody issues and transactions. We have no financial relationship with TD Ameritrade, and we don’t have access to client funds or assets (except for billing of our fees to an account with the client’s authorization only). Instead we receive a limited authorization from you to oversee the account and make transactions within it. All client accounts at TD Ameritrade can be monitored online both by the client and by us. Accounts at other institutions are often acceptable, but discount brokers are highly recommended to minimize transaction costs.

Once your plan is put in motion, we monitor it regularly to ensure that it stays on track to achieve your goals. You are assured

  • At least one annual update of goals, risk tolerance, plan assumptions, asset allocation and key plan documents
  • Ongoing monitoring of your portfolio and appropriate changes
  • Meetings or telephone conferences and reports covering investment activities and performance
  • Maintenance of records of account and investment transactions


Contact Info

Call Us:  802-425-2076
Email:  info@postinvestment.com

294 Clark Road
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Planning Briefs

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